Assessments, Calendars, Livestreams, Videos, and more inside searchieHUBs

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New advanced features like Assessments, Calendars, Livestreams, and more in SearchieHUBs!

I'll bet you want to see some additional functions that the searchie team has NOT added yet to searchieHUBs but you are dying to make them happen… things such as…

✅ Google Calendars,
✅ Youtube videos,
✅ Email Signups,
✅ Assessments (like typeform), and more!

I've been working on some solutions for those functions that work right inside your hub so the user doesn't leave the hub.

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Searchie Transcript:

If you're as excited about Searchie hubs as I am, maybe that's not possible because I'm really excited about Searchie hubs. I know many of you really are excited, but sometimes we want to add some additional stuff and Searchie hasn't yet added these features.

I'd like to be able to play a video right inside the hub, just like right where my cursor is right there.

So it doesn't take them to another site. It plays right there.

I also know that many of you are doing like a Google calendar and you're sending people to a Google calendar, but wouldn't it be nice if it displayed right inside the hub? I think it would.

If you go to my demo and this is a one page public Searchie hub, you go to

You will see this demo for yourself.

Now you, if you're watching this video, you likely have come here in the first place and you've clicked on that button. And the videos popped up. I can't show it to you because I'm inside here doing the recording right now, and I'm doing it with Searchie by the way.

But if you scroll down, you can see that we can add these things. Even assessments, like typeform, for example, all of those can pop up inside of the Searchie hub.

And I'm using Google tag manager, which is approved by Searchie hubs or by the Searchie team. And you can do things.

Let me move this out of the way. For example, this is a tool called just, but you could use Facebook messenger or video ask. I know several of you are using videoask.

You've already figured out how to do this with the Google tag manager. So that's one thing you can do.

You can add some additional functionality like that, but could you do a live stream? I don't remember who it was, but somebody asked me if you could do a live stream inside of a Searchie hub.

Well, if I click this button, you'll see this pop-up come up. And this is a YouTube video, which is a live stream. If I click play, you'll see that it is playing. It's been there for months and it was going to be there for months. They're trying to sell stuff, which is why they're doing this live stream. It's just the same video playing over and over on YouTube, but that's okay.

So yes, if you had a live stream, you knew how to do an embed. You can come over here and put it inside of your Searchie hubs. So people, when they did the live stream came here instead of somewhere else. Wouldn't that be cool. What about, excuse me? What about, this is just a pop-up to get people to sign up to my email list.

You could do that with some of these tools. Here's the live stream demo again? How about that Google calendar.

And look, you can interact with the calendar. You can change the dates. You can do all kinds of stuff right inside the hub.

I think that's cool. And yes, this is mobile friendly.

You can do a set up this for mobile friendly.

What about a Searchie video right there inside the hub? What if you've created a CTA section and there is an image, a thumbnail that is attached to the CTA section. Well, this one I've created such that this is a pop-up with us with a video in it.

Now you could do a Searchie video.

You can do a YouTube video, whatever you need to do inside of a Searchie hub, the user is not going anywhere.

They're not going to any other pages. This too is set up.

It doesn't have the play button, which I put on the first one. It's the same demo, but I just put a play button on it to make users think that they could click on it.

This is a featured section. It's just a normal featured section, but guess what? It does free training on how to set up the Google tag manager.

It doesn't show you all the bells and whistles.

That's a whole nother training series that I'm working on, but you too can do this inside of Searchie hubs. And I haven't even thought of all the different ideas of things that could be done inside your own hub.

I am Mitch also go by Viral traffic guy.

I show people how to grow their emails, their business with Viral traffic. I also do training in consulting on Searchie hubs. I

f you need any help, you let me know. This is pretty freaking cool and I'm excited. And if you think of something that I haven't demonstrated, also let me know, and I would be happy to test it out and see if it would work for you before you dive full fledged, whole hog into making this happen.