Be a Searchie Affiliate and Get Searchie for FREE

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Being a Searchie Affiliate is actually very easy because you're instantly an affiliate when you subscribe to Searchie.

The affiliate link is instantly created for you.

No application

No waiting


Why is this important? Why do you care?

Well, they pay 30% ongoing!

That means every month you could be earning money by sharing the joy of searchie with others 🙂

And it isn't hard. Once people see how cool searchie and searchieHUBs are, it becomes a no-brainer.

Do the searchie affiliate math.

How do you get YOUR searchie account for free?

Just get 3.33 people to sign up via your affiliate link.

Ok, well the math is a little harder depending on which plan you subscribed to… but hopefully you get the idea.

If you're on the searchie business plan, you'd need to get 3.33 other people on the business plan to sign up.

But, even one person signing up with your link means you're lowering your cost for searchie AND you're spreading the love.

So Mitch, how do I get this magical affiliate link?

Well, it is as magical as I say… just go to your settings (in the upper right of the searchie window) and select REWARDS.

Searchie Affiliate Help
Go to rewards to find your searchie affiliate link


Searchie has an awesome overview video

Heck, i'd create one, but theirs is already available.

Don't forget… if you haven't gotten my free training for searchie, you can grab it here

And if you haven't even been in our searchieHUBS Demo, you should see it!