How Do I Stop SearchieHUBs Call To Action Grids From Changing Size?

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My SearchieHUBS Grids are Changing Size… how do I stop it?

It may be a minor shock when you see it happen the first time, but SearchieHUBS Grids (also known as a CTA Grid) change from small to really big… but sit back, relax, that's by design.

You're cruising along editing your HUB and you add a CTA grid and expect to see 3 or 4 little squares and then suddenly, they're 2 larger boxes with a 3rd one below (for a 3 card grid).

Or your 4 card CTA grid is 2 cards on top of 2 cards.

“So why is this happening Mitch? It isn't what I expected!”

Here's a sample of what I mean… and what you're likely seeing…

SearchieHUBS CTA Grid card changes size
SearchieHUBS CTA Grid (with 4 cards) and the 4th card changes size

SearchieHUBS are ‘responsive'​

The short answer is you don't stop them… that's the plan.

SearchieHUBS are designed to be ‘responsive' meaning they adjust to the size of a smartphone window.

In short, the cards are self adjusting for the size of the window they're in!

Smart design but also a bit surprising for the first time you see it.

Here's a demo I made (which is part of my searchie training course called “Getting Started with Searchie and SearchieHUBS” and it is free!)

If you signed up for the Searchie training, please let me know what you think!​​​