SearchieHUBS appear in Tribe Membership Hub

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SearchieHUBS had a big day today as today is the day things begin – Stu McLaren announced today the Tribe Membership HUB – which is built on SearchieHUBS.

So, while we may not have access to build our own yet, they DO exist and in a wonderful launch we can see the beginning.

The launch video is in the Tribe Membership group and I won't dare to show you as it is not mine to share, but here's a screen grab of the front page:

And then, if you select the ‘start here' button above, you'll be taken to a playlist of a collection of videos that encompasses the beginning content.

Of course, the top of the page has the search prominently shown which is one of the most exciting features.

The “Start here” section shows a “playlist” of videos with its own search box.

So we're getting a taste – from the end user's perspective. And it is fast and very easy to use and understand.

I see a great future in membership sites created with Searchie HUBS!

Imagine a simple creative way to implement your content wrapped around a SearchieHUBS membership!

If you're still confused about what Searchie is, please also visit SearchiePro – my brother site that has a bunch of content about using Searchie as a content search engine.