Editing the Video Thumbnail in Canva inside Searchie

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You can now edit your video thumbnail easily directly inside searchie with the simple to use (and free) Canva account. This is AWESOME!

Hey, everyone Searchie has just released a new feature where they can connect you directly to Canva to create your graphics for your thumbnails.

Now, this is really freaking cool.

I'm going to give you a demo about how to make that happen.

Now, who am I? I often go by the nickname of planetMitch which came from a long time ago in a land far, far away, but I have a new website called Searchie pro and I also have one coming soon called Searchiehubs.com. So pay attention. Cause I'm going to be providing a lot of good content there.

Now, how do you do the Searchie video thumbnail with canva?

What you want to do? So these, this one and this one I've added thumbnails.

This one was actually a screen grab from a Viral challenge that a friend is doing. And I gave them a review, whole other topic there. Of course.

The rest of these don't have thumbnails.

So how easy is it to do a thumbnail? You go into edit and you go to settings and you scroll down a little bit to get to the thumbnail section and they tell you,

you want a 16 by nine aspect ratio, but there's this new button that is designed on Canva.

Now, Canva is a really awesome tool. It's free. You can get a pro account, but if you have a free account, you can do everything you need to do inside canvas inside of Searchie.

What this is, what we're going to go for is a video thumbnail, right? YouTube size. This button is really cool because it takes you right over to make that happen.

You see that. I just created a quick one. I'm going to go design on Canva. Now, if you're not logged in, or if you need to create an account, there is a screen before this, I don't see a way logging out.

So I can't demo that once I've logged in, which I think is rather interesting, but it is what it is in this particular graphic was taken from the, I just went through the YouTube thumbnails and I did see all. And you'll notice when you first come in, it doesn't say it because this one has a title, but they are, they are searching for YouTube thumbnails.

Let me go back anyway. It is showing by default, when you first come in, the search is for YouTube thumbnails. So you can go through all of these and pick a particular one that you want to do. I happened to use the Safari one, because I saw it was free. And as you roll over these, you can see if there are paid items or not.

And I simply selected this one and I changed the text. It's not hard. You select the text and you use the text tools, et cetera. You probably can figure that stuff out on your own.

Just for fun, I'm going to show you how it works. So let's suppose that this was really session 33. It wasn't, but I can do publish and it will just bring that over to Searchie you see analysis session 33.

Now the good thing about this is that I can click on that again and I can go make edits to it. If I want to put this back, I can simply do that or I can pick a different style or whatever. And all you have to do again is do publish. Now I know people are going to ask, right?

If I, if I come in and do this, this is the next question is how do I save that? Can I use that on my next one?

Like if you're doing a series of videos or like in a membership, which is where this is PS I teach people how to do really awesome Viral challenges and contests.

You can't save this into your library of canvas stuff and you see there are folders and you have access to your folders here, but there isn't a save function. It only just publishes back to your Searchie account.

But the good news is you can go over. I have Canva running as a separate application, which again is a whole other topic. I could teach you how to do that. But inside my Canva account, you can go in and create new templates and create folders and stuff.

So what I wanted to demo is I'm going to do create a new folder. I'm going to call this Searchiepro. Don't mean to share it with anybody. I'm just doing it for me. So now I have a folder and I can put templates in there. So if I go to all my designs, you will notice that the one that I've done for session 32 is not listed here.

Cause it's not saved in my account, but you can go to the the templates. And let's see if I can find where it says YouTube video and I need to search for a YouTube. Whereas you do. I would think it would be here. YouTube intro. I don't want an intro. I didn't do this search before I got here.

What was it? They were doing YouTube. Let me go back search templates. What did it say? Like if I do this, it says music, YouTube thumbnail. So if I just do templates, where's the search. Can I do a search templates? I apologized. Let's just do. Yeah, That'd be a way of concern. Right? I don't want a video ad.

I wonder if I just do YouTube intro templates, videos. What if I come in here? YouTube outros, YouTube intros, Huh? Video templates. I would have thought that it would just say YouTube. So what if I do you too? Mmm, Here we go. Thank you. Finally search. So I could go in and I could take one.

So here's the Safari one. I'll just do that. Since we're already looking at it, I'm going to use this template. I had to change the font size. Cause theirs was really big. I'm going to change it to 80. And so I'm just going to set one up for session 33 and I'm just going to make it a little wider and they had it above.

So I'll just do that. Obviously you can do uploads. You can do photos, you can do all kinds of stuff in terms of setting this up. And what I'm going to do is save it, right. I'm going to give it up Name. I'm gonna just call it. Cause my, my mastermind is called the movers Aster mind template. And I'm going to save that right?

I guess I, I don't use, I don't use it often enough. Right? So here's the same. Thank you. All changes are saved. So they've already done that. There is no save button, but my point before was that it wasn't saved into my recents. So now if I go to Home And I go to my folder, Searchie pro I didn't put it in the right place.

Did I? All right, tell me, you know, we all make mistakes as we're going through this. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to go back and I'm going to do file saved folder. That's what I needed it to Searchie pro safe. Alright. So now that I have that, the point was that I was showing you how to create a folder.

I can come over to Searchie and I can go to my folders and now see that Searchie pro folder has a template in it. So I could come in and I can click this. And granted, it says, session 33, there, I can edit it and say 33, whatever. And now I can do publish. And that will be in my thumbnail for this video in this playlist.

And you know, all the features of Searchie. But now that video has that thumbnail and that cool stay tuned to me at searchiePro.com or searchiehubs.com.

I will be creating more tutorials to give you updates about some of the really cool features inside of the amazing tool called Searchie.