Searchie is an astounding search engine for YOUR video or audio content with the added bonus of Searchie HUBS – creating the perfect tool for your membership or course.

Imagine having your own dedicated search engine AND your own website all in one tool!

Remember all of those family videos you have? We've taught ourselves that we cannot find that memory buried in those tapes. NOBODY goes back and searches for a specific moment in those because it was too incredibly painful.

Put in a tape where you think there's the memory you're wanting to see again… press play, figure out where you are in the tape… fast forward a bit, play again to see if you're there… get distracted and watch for a bit… then remember you're searching for something… etc.

Now, imagine having complete access to every word – every phrase – in your entire family history – and get to it INSTANTLY! #gamechanger

Searchie is a paradigm shift that people don't yet comprehend.

Mitch Aunger

Fast forward to 2020 (ok, we're already here and it has been quite a year!) and imagine having your MEMBERSHIP site with all of your video and audio assets built on a search engine!

Your members (paid or free (think lead magnet)) have instant access to answers you provide.

Ok, maybe you don't get it (yet) but you will.

What is YouTube? It is the #2 search engine on the planet that's all 😉 You may think of it as a video player, but it is also mainly a search engine.

People visit YouTube for help. They often want answers to their problems. And they don't usually find your awesome content. You want them to find you!

Now, imagine having your own YouTube or Netflix for just your videos and training!

Searchie HUBS will bring that to your site.

Searchie HUBS will blow your mind when you see them.

What is the benefit of Searchie?

For video and audio content creators (which should be YOU), Searchie produces a crazy accurate transcript of your content, indexes all your content, and creates a search engine that will supersize the results by your tribe because they'll be able to find answers to their questions instantly from YOUR content.

They will LOVE YOU for it!

Add in Searchie's ability to AUTOMATICALLY ingest your video or audio from a variety of sources and now your business is on steroids and you can free yourself from those mundane tasks of exporting and importing everywhere.

And did I mention searchieHUBS? Geez, this is going to change the video content business forever.

Here's a sample of just one thing you can do with HUBS – embed them in another site!

To see more demos, also visit my sister site SearchiePRO


NOTE! The video above is hosted on Searchie! Yes it HOSTS your content too!



Bonus! Every subscriber is an affiliate!

Subscribe to Searchie (which is an insane bargain in the first place) and you can share your experience with others.

Affiliates earn 30% commission so sign up 3 subscribers and your Searchie is basically free.

Bring on more and earn monthly revenue. Once people are addicted to Searchie, they're not going to un-subscribe.


So many great things are possible with SearchieHUBS – imagine the possibilities!