How To Set Up a SearchieHUBS Custom Domain

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Setting up a SearchieHubs Custom Domain isn't hard, but it can be very confusing for many… especially those who aren't familiar with DNS and internet things (you know who you are… you call yourself “techie challenged” – and that's ok, that's why there's people like me who geek on this stuff LOL).

This video on setting up a SearchieHUBS Custom Domain (which is part of my bigger Searchie Complete Funnel Course) is a bit long, but it has just about all the pieces you need to get your domain set up as a subdomain.


Jerry Potter gave us this bonus… so instead of doing a subdomain, you can set up a high level domain.

SearchieHUBS Custom Domain Transcript:

One of the things that I had promised you a little while ago, I would show you was inside of Searchie.

You have the ability in a hub to I'm just going to grab one that we've been working with.

Let's see, I sorted them again by date created. So we were working on this one and I said, I was going to set this domain now with the sub domains, with the custom domains, instead of the app dot Searchie slash hubs, whatever, then you can use your branded name, but you have to create a sub domain, right?

The, the word in front of your domain name. So I own and this particular hub, I want to be just demo.Searchie Now I've already created that one.

So let me go to the other one with this training. And I called this one training dot Searchie

Now I'm using a couple of different services in, excuse me. My hosting site is a place called host duplex.

Now, if you're using GoDaddy or one of those other domain services where you bought the domain, then you will have to do a couple of different steps.

But I am, I am also serving my CNAMEs.

I'm setting up my DNS. DNS is domain named services, which is what the internet uses to figure out where to send people. And DNS is going to be where I'm going to create this.

Now I'm using CloudFlare to manage my DNS settings and I'm using some caching and Cloudflare's an interesting tool, but you'll see that I have, registered multiple sites inside of CloudFlare and all of these are free.

So I'm not paying anything for the CloudFlare service, but what you would do would be to go through this process. Now you're going to have to be able to log in and do this part. And in host duplex, for example, I'm going to go to name servers and I'm going to change these.

Now I've already got these steps. So I'm just kind of simulating this process. Normally, if I used this default, they would not be these CloudFlare names. Okay. And I'm going to show you that would be other things in here, and you would change them, but CloudFlare instructs you on how to do that.

So the first step is figuring out where you're going to change the name servers that's, but you don't actually do that yet. So you go into cloudflare and you do add a site. Now, typically what you would do would be to put in, let's see, I've got, actually, I'm going to, I'm going to do a secondary one cause I have actually own a domain. Well, let's just go back to my domains.

Let's let's pick a different one. Let's do some old ones. Let's see if I can find one. These don't actually have stuff. Maybe I can't find one. Let's see if we can do this one. Cause I, I ended up buying Searchie hub without an S. Let's see if I I've done anything about this and named servers. All right.

So right now they are on host duplex, right? So you see I'm not using the custom domains yet. So in what I'm gonna do, and this applies to multiple different tools. I use this in UpViral and now I'm using this in Searchie so you can do the same thing in UpViral as well, slightly different the way you do it. But so anyway,

I went to do and I'm going to do ad site and notice they scare you right off the bat. There used to be a column here that said free, but they've moved it down to the bottom. So if you click here, you get a green bar around that and do continue. So I'm using the free service and they're going out and scanning the DNS of that existing domain.

Really? Really? Okay. Right. We're done kind of with that process. Now I can actually add a record here and I would do pick a seat name. Cause that's what we're doing. And I'm just going to pretend I did the demo again. The Mo mean, you see it's building the full domain listed here and where I'm going to send it is and you do save.

So it's built that now, if I were doing this for UpViral this, the process is the same. I would do contests because what I'm going to do is I'm going to, I'm going to this video for both. So I would do contests and their target is

So that's all you have to do, right? So I have contest pointing to UpViral and I have demo pointing to ingress at Searchie and then I'm going to hit continue. Now it says, go log into your account where you have your domain server stuff set up and you're going to remove these because it's found those three. See, I found those three there and replace it with these.

Now they've actually switched me to a different grouping. So that's okay. Usually it's that algin one. But now they've apparently asked me to use this one and then I'm going to copy Doug. And I'm going to put Doug in the second one and I'm going to paste that in there and now they don't have a third one for me to do so just those two.

So I'm going to delete this one and I'm going to click change. Now that's doing what it needs to do. Loops and now cloud flare, we've done this part. Make sure they're correct. Click save your changes. I did that, right? So now it set, it says changes, saved. Yours is going to look different if you're using GoDaddy or one of those other services Namecheap or something unique,

but that's the process changing your name servers in your DNS. Sometimes you might see DNS management, but what you're really after is DNS or name servers or something like that. And so now the last part I'm going to click done and it's going through and it's doing some stuff. And then now they've just added this start guide, which is a new part of the process.

You can do finished later, but I'll just show you, we're going to take their defaults. We're going to do that. And I turned this on, cause I think use HTTPS is better. So I'm going to do that. And auto minify. I want the fastest thing possible. So I'm going to click these and I'm going to click save, and then whatever this is,

I'm going to do save and we're done and I'm going to click finish. Now. It says it's finished. It's not yet active, but we've done all this. And I typically, what I do is it says recheck. Sometimes it takes a little time. So I clicked on recheck and it's now queued up. So we can now go over and look at the DNS.

This will take effect whenever it's, but that's how you go through the process of creating that short name. In, in my case, I did demo for Searchie help without an S, but I can also go up to here and I can go into Searchie hubs and I can go to DNS in this case. I want to make sure that scene name for demo is there.

But I also want to do the other one that I was going to add, which was training, right? So I'm going to come over here and I'm going to add record scene aim. This becomes a pattern. You'll do this potentially a lot training, and I'm going to send that to ingress. Searchie I, Oh, that's all I have to do.

Now. It can take several hours to make that happen. One other thing that you probably want to check, because I did have some issues. The let's just see if it's active. If I go over to my Searchie and what I'm going to do is I'm going to double click or triple click that. So it's all selected. And now I have this tool called top flip,

which is a whole nother topic, but I can just click open the link and it will open and go. And you see that that's now active. It might take you some time and you do see that the lock is also active. So that's okay. The one other thing that I did run into, and I, I actually think that that checking process that they now make you go through,

actually turns this on, but the default used to be flexible. So I clicked on SSL, but the default used to be flexible. And when I switched it to full, then the CNAME worked properly in Searchie. So that's what you need to make sure if you got any problem where it says it's redirecting or it's in a loop, come in and check that that's your quick resolution again,

Cloudflare's easy. It, it gives you your own branding. So now I can tell people that the training is that training, that because that's my domain and it's a much better URL than the, blah, blah. Right? Right. Wonderful stuff.