SearchieHUBS updates for the week of 2021-01-15

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SearchieHUBS news

Yesterday Stu announced a new round of the Plan-It/Build-It course. ​​​​It isn't available to affiliates so I don't have an affiliate link, but if you're interested let me know and I'll send you the link.

We're still waiting on the implementation of the Registration/Purchase options. That should be just about any day now.

On that topic, in the presentation about the new Plan-it sessions, Stu did say the stripe integration would not be a complete cart solution. So I suspect we'll get some features for registration but let's not expect miracles. Most likely, if you want coupons and up-sells etc., you'll need to manage that stuff yourself.

Will did mention in this week's call that there is an implementation coming – so I expected it yesterday. And we've heard from multiple sources that the stripe integration is tested and ready to go.​​

Here's to hoping for a great feature release soon 🙂 ​​​​​​

I was also expecting a price increase announcement yesterday, but that didn't happen either. Which for many is a good thing 🙂


SearchieHUBS training​

If you signed up for the Searchie training, please let me know what you think!​​​

​​Several of you have earned the bonus training by referring others… that's MUCH appreciated. (Let me know if you don't know what i'm talking about 🙂


New #searchieHUBS I've created

I added a new one yesterday when I saw people were curious about how they could include multiple courses and a membership and more all in one hub. ​​​

It is a very simple hub, with just one video but I hope it helps someone.